Vent Haven ConVENTion 2022 is finally here!!!

 Well after months of long days and short nights, we are almost ready to head out of the Shoppe and head for Erlanger Kentucky.

We look forward to this week for the entire year so that we can enjoy the time together with all of our strange friends.

Next Tuesday we will load up the car with about 35 puppets and head up the long road from Alabama to Kentucky (almost to Ohio).

About 1 hour before the show starts on Wednesday evening we will post on this site all of the new puppets that we have.  Our faithful friends will have one hour to email us with any wishes that they have before the show starts.

Wish that you could all be there.

Talk again next Wednesday.
Steve and JET

2 thoughts on “Vent Haven ConVENTion 2022 is finally here!!!”

  1. jet, i will be bringing momma with me. it is her 10th birthday, and I would like you to give her a once over to make sure she is holding up. 10 years!
    oh im old!

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