Please Be Aware

This is just a short topic this week.  We are getting several emails a day wondering why we are not posting new puppets for a few weeks.

The answer is simple.  We are racing at top speed to get puppets ready for Vent Haven ConVENTion.  We have had so many sales for months that we have not been able to build enough puppets for VHC.  Now we are paying the price.

We are looking forward to seeing each of you at the ConVENTion, and having a great 3-1/2 days together with all of you.  Please be patient and know that we will get back on track to posting 1 and 2 puppets a week just as quick as possible.

Steve and JET

1 thought on “ Please Be Aware”

  1. so cool. yours is oine of the collections i really look forward to each year. I always try to find one that I can use to embarrass Jet with each year.

    Just to let you know and to celebrate, “MOMMA MARSHA” is 10 years old this year. I will probably bring her along just so Jet can give her a once over. She has become such a good friend and I still enjoy her so very much, (and Jet too!)

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