Two More Puppets in the Figmy Family from The Dummy Shoppe | Puppets by JET

Last weeks introduction of the new Figmys was far more that we anticipated. By 7:30A.M. on Saturday morning, both Sherman and Fenric had begun the adoption process to go to new homes.

We had somewhere around 2,000 lookers, and several callers who were very disappointed to find out that they were just a little bit late in trying to acquire a Figmy.

So we have taken the liberty to give each of you one more opportunity to get in on something new. Here are two more in the Figmy family.

The first is “Jackie” who is a full featured older cougar looking for a much younger man. She has Moving eyebrows, L/R moving eyes, Blinkers and Mouth control all from a traditional hard figure head stick. For more information, click to go to the “AVAILABLE NOW” section of the web site for a full description and pricing on her.

Cimg2514 rev

Second is “Chubby“, a novel concept in Soft Sculpture. Operating on a reverse headstick, “Chubby” is a good humored shrunken head.

Cimg2499 rev

We will see you next time right here. Have a great Ventriloquial week.

Steve and JET

1 thought on “Two More Puppets in the Figmy Family from The Dummy Shoppe | Puppets by JET”

  1. OMG , your work was good before but you’ve now stepped into a whole new zone of your own. (1) combo of soft on a headstick (2) great creations just like before but with all the movements (3) the shrunken head which gives you not only a fab person but one that takes up less space for easy travel.
    Thanx for Sharing Your Creative Growth with Us,
    Bob Rummmmba

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