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dummy shoppe videos

One thing that we have heard comment on from several of you is that if you are just “character shopping” for ideas, that you really don’t want to go to YouTube and try to wade through all of the things that are there just to see the videos we have posted on thedummyshoppe channel.

It is a pain to have to leave the site, go to another site, log in, type in a channel name and then get to see tons of suggestions by other people mixed in with what you really came to see.

Soooo. . .We have added a new feature.

If you come to the web site and click on “Blog” to get where you are right now, look at the top of your screen on the menu bar. It starts out with “Home” and then goes to “Videos”. If you click “Videos” every puppet video we have put up is now at your fingertips. We have refused to accept YouTube’s offer to pay us in order for them to place commercials on our videos, because we feel that you came here to see puppets, not Mouthwash or Shampoo.

This Video enhancement was the brainchild of our webmaster Steve Hurst, who once again has done a wonderful job of adding a new feature to the site. Eventually, we hope to add videos straight from the website, but for now here they are. Take a few moments, get in touch with your inner child and enjoy some good old fashioned silliness while you scan through the videos.

Click here to go directly to The Dummy Shoppe | Puppets by JET Videos

Of course, if you see something you like. . .let us know. Bet we can cook up something for you.

Have a Great Week.

Steve and JET

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