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From time to time we all need to take stock of where we are in relation to the puppets we have. In order to do this, it is important that we take all of our puppets out at one time and put them in a line-up (like the little fun loving criminals they are).

Now that you have all of them out, make the first pass through the collection and separate all the puppets that only pertain to Holidays. If you have a Santa puppet, or a Frankenstein etc. put them all in a group. They are “safe”. You will always find a use for them at the holiday season for which they were purchased.

Now take a look at the rest of the puppets you have. What we are looking for are the “dated” puppets. If you have one or more that are relics of a time in society that has gone by, put them in a separate group. It does not mean that they have to go away, but it does mean that for most of your audiences, they would not be relevant.

For instance, if you have a Richard Nixon puppet, he would go into this group. Nixon humor is so old it is stale and no longer funny. Maybe you don’t even have any puppets in this category. That is to your credit.

Next look over the rest of the puppets in your collection. If you have not used any one puppet in over two years, ask yourself “Is this puppet still relevant to my act today?” Make sure that all of the puppets you have in your third group are puppets that you still need for your act. When this is completed, sit down with the last group and think carefully through all the variations of your act.

Do you now have a need for something to keep your act fresh and current that you don’t have? If you can think of something you need, contact us. We have the solution to that problem.

Otherwise, you have still done yourself a favor by going through all the puppets. You may find one or more that you just have not used for a while, but can now think of something good to do with them at this time.

Always, always be constantly re-evaluating your act. Keeping it fresh is just as important for you as it is for your audience. If you are tired of a puppet – your audience will sense this and will also be tired of that portion of your act. Keep it fresh.

Just a reminder.

That’s all for now folks,

Steve and JET

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