Does your Act Have Good Flow?

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Jack (M-130)

So much of a good act is only separated from a not-so-good act by small details.  The flow of your act can make all the difference in the world to the way that your audience perceives your act.  Case in point.  Think about the way you feel about another performer when he/she gets up on stage and says, “Today we are going to _ _ _ umm, umm, umm ”  or ” Oh, ahhh, umm”.

What this says to your audience is that you did not take the time to practice your material before wasting their time to do a show.  Once again lets fall back on the old use of a video or a tape recorder.  Ignore the recording device after you start it up, but then go through your complete routine and then play it back and count the number of times that you use those offensive words listed above or other words just as disorganized.

Pay attention to the way you talk.  After hearing yourself, take a short break and then do it all again.  Play the recording back again and see if you have made any improvements.  Keep doing this until you have eliminated the words that show your audience that you did not practice your act.

Once you have gotten past this phase, you can be certain that you have made real improvements in you act.

As always practice, Practice, PRACTICE.

We will talk again next week.

Steve and JET

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