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Something New

Hairy Pitts (M-129)

At long last the new Website has arrived.  This project had started about 10 weeks before the passing of Steve Hurst.  Even though the passing of Mr. Hurst was completely unexpected, the project had to go on.  We are going to keep this weeks blog very short to give you time to explore the new site.

You will find that it has a much friendlier flow than the old site had.  One of the really good things is that having been developed with Word Press, the site is much more adaptable to all of the little computers known as phones.  The old site just got smaller, and the new site adapts to the smaller space and still keeps the larger visual effects for your viewing pleasure.

Take a few minutes and explore the new site and get familiar with it.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

Talk again next week.

Steve and JET

8 thoughts on “Welcome to The Dummy Shoppe’s New Website”

  1. Looks great, going to miss seeing you guys this year. Know that you both are in my heart and my mind. Hope all is going well there.


  2. What a great new site! Love how easy it is to navigate and especially the ease of use on our phones. Love your blog and the consistency of publishing. Always something to think about.

  3. The site looks great, sorry we won’t see each other at the convention this year. Looking forward to next year. Great work on the puppets..

  4. Looks wonderful! So easy to navigate, on both computer and phone. So refreshing. Congratulations on the new site.

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