We Can Make An Ancient Art Form Better With Technology

Something New

Xander (B-42)

In this world of High Tech knowledge, lets be bright enough to use some of the new stuff to our advantage.  Here is one way to use modern stuff to our benefit  and come out with some really cool new techniques to use for your act. Have you ever wondered how to make your puppet have a British accent?  Or a French accent or some other language?

All of the best actors in movies seem to just know how to speak with an accent that fits the character they are playing.  Well these actors were not born with those skills.  They learned them.  Now the question is, How do you learn to speak with these accents?  Here is where todays technology comes into play.

Google “How do you learn to speak with a British accent.  Watch the videos that pop up.  In a short time you will have something new for your act that not too many other Vents have.

We will talk again next week,

Steve & JET

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