Choices for Your Figmy Puppet

As you should be aware, we offer soft sculpture puppets with hard figure stick capabilities. While this is a wonderful new avenue, giving many hard figure “only” Vents the option to move into the world of soft sculpture, it can be a bit confusing if you are not sure what all you can do with a puppet.

So we are trying to help you with this short tutorial. Don’t panic though, all of your choices are still available in regular soft sculpture puppets.

Now that we have entered the world of Figmy’s (Figure Dummys) you now have more choices to make. Under each puppet in the Catalog you will see a list of available options.

The list will look something like this:

Full Body
Half Body
L/R Moving Eyes
Moving Eyebrows
Head Stick
Arm Rods (Ea.)

So that you understand, you must first decide on full body or half body. That figure then becomes your base price. From there, you decide which other options that you want. You can have just a Head Stick with no other options if you want mouth movement controlled by a Head Stick. In most cases you can opt to not have a head stick if you choose.

However if you want L/R Moving Eyes AND Blinking Eyes, you MUST have a Head Stick because the only way that we can fit all the mechanics in the head leaves no room for your hand, thus the Head Stick.

There will be some characters that are only available as Figmys due to logistics. For instance, birds with very narrow beaks and/or skinny necks. The beaks would be too
small to get your hand into for mouth control and some of the necks would be too small to get an arm in.

We are REALLY not trying to confuse you, but we are trying to make as many possible variations available to you as we can.

One thing that will always hold true is that if you have questions, we will be available to answer them for you and to help you make the best selections for you act that we can.

Until next time,

Steve and JET

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