It’s better to Give than to Receive

you tube the dummy shoppe beth cummins

We get to see lots of different things at ConVENTion. Most of what we see, everybody also sees. Now and then we get to witness something that is not necessarily meant to be seen by everyone. This time I was armed with a camera and we want everyone to get to see what we witnessed that represents the real spirit of most of the attendees at the ConVENTion.

At ConVENTion there are several types of people. There are those that are true professionals and entertain either full time or a large amount of their time. Then there are those that only entertain part time or occasionally. Lastly but by no means not least are those who are just learning the art and have fallen in love with it, but need a little help to get a leg up in order to improve and get better so that they can begin performing. A common link is that all of those who attend truly love the art.

What we witnessed and were touched by goes on all of the time at ConVENTion. In this case the event was totally unplanned, and we just stumbled across it as it was taking place. We have a dear sweet friend named Beth Cummins. She uses several of our puppets in her performing, but this is not about a puppet. This is about two humans. One who knows the art quite well and a young lady who had just purchased a puppet and was wanting to know how to use it effectively. Beth Cummins was not making a show out of this process, but in an out of the way hallway was giving freely of herself to help a young girl learn about aspects of the art that probably are not taught in a book.

You will get to see Beth with the girls character, and then toward the end you will get to see the girl trying some of her new found skills. We think it was a memorable event.
Watch and enjoy.

Thats all for now folks, we will talk again next week.

Steve and JET

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  1. When life seems to get to serious sometimes it is a blessing to slow down and giggle. What a blessing it was to see all and realize how time is precious. That day I was very ill and was working on opening my lungs to be able to enjoy the rest of the convention. What a joy to meet this young beautiful lady and her parents and the other people who stopped by to become new friends..Eventually even my pal Kelly started dancing. If there is one moment time when I may look silly..this may be one to many..but…The song is correct..We shouldn’t worry about a thing..Everything is going to be Alright ..and with friends like all of you..I have happiness! I love my Friends old and new! God Bless! Bethie

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