A Promise is a Promise

Something we hear from time to time the many horror stories of makers that have promised to deliver puppets and have them done by a certain date.

We believe that if we tell you that something will be ready for you on a certain date, that you should be able to rest easy that you will have you character on or BEFORE the date. We want you to always be a part of the creation process and even though we don’t need you to manage each and every stitch that goes into your puppet, you are in control of the way your puppet will look when it is complete.

This is something we cannot emphasize too strongly how we welcome your input throughout the process. That is why we send you photos of completed heads. We want to make sure that you are happy with your character. On occasion, we have sent photos of heads only to be told that that was not what the customer wanted.


We start over. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

It is our intention to make the acquisition of a new character something that you truly look forward to having and not something that you dread.

We always look forward to you writing us to tell us of your great satisfaction when you receive your new puppet. When we achieve this, then we know that the next time you need a new character, you WILL call on us first.

We DO look forward to your next call or your recommendation to another friend. When you recommend us to a friend, we know that you are putting your credibility on the line for us. It is important to both you and us that we never let you down.

If we can do all of this, then and only then will we have lived up to our expectations of ourselves. We will do unto you like we would want you to do unto us. (somebody else said that once.)

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