Puppet Unique to You

You are important to us. We want you to have a unique puppet (or puppets) that will set you apart from all others, so that when you perform, the audience knows ahead of time that they are in for a special entertaining treat.

That’s why we consider it our Mission to work with you to create characters that will give you something special and memorable for your act.

Every puppet we make is to be constructed in such a way that their quality alone sets them apart from all other puppets in the market.

We create characters that are both user and audience friendly. They must be created and built in such a way that your fatigue factor is at an absolute minimum while having audience appeal that makes the crowd wants even more of you when you are finished.

We want to give back to the industry that has provided so many good years of clean entertainment to the public and in the giving back provide a vehicle to further strengthen the industry for generations to come.

It’s for this reason, we do what we do and enjoy providing for you. Our hope is that you enjoy it as well.

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