Something a Bit Out of the Ordinary

Recently we did a puppet combination for our good friend Gary Greene in Canada that was a bit out of the ordinary. Gary does some classes in his work, and within the context of these classes, he was needing to have a character that represented a “First Native” which is what we would call a “Native American” here in the States.

However, Gary wanted to add yet another twist to the combination. He also wanted a talking stick to be used by the old gentleman that we were doing.

In this picture you see the old gentleman with his talking stick. The old gentleman is a totally conventional soft sculptured puppet.


The talking stick on the other hand is a one function Figmy with only moving mouth, but that is controlled on the other end of the stick.



The neat thing about the combination of these two puppets is that the old gentleman can be made to appear to be in control of the talking stick when Gary wants him to, but then Gary also has the ability to use just the talking stick when he wants to do that.

Take a good look at this combination. Although we won’t do another one just like them for you, let your creative juices start flowing. Maybe we can find a way to do something original for you.

Thats all for now. We will talk again next week.

Steve & JET

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