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50 plus years ago when JET and I grew up, we were in the same church in northern Illinois.  Every summer we looked forward to going to summer camp.  For several years I went to Camp Joy in Whitewater Wisconsin.  It was a beautiful camp that sat on the edge of Whitewater Lake which was more than a mile in length.  Among the daily activities obviously, was swimming.  They would let us swim the length of the lake (with a boat right next to us).  There was a shooting range that we could practice both guns and archery on.  There was a super fun obstacle course that we could compete in.  O how I wish I could still do that. . .   On top of that, there were several Bible classes every day that were designed to teach us our faith.

I said all that to get to this.  Early in the morning I got the monthly newsletter from Barry Webb who is a dear friend of ours, that travels the country as a missionary/evangelist.  Barry uses several of our puppets since he is also a Ventriloquist.  As I was reading his newsletter, I glanced at his coming schedule.  I noticed that on the last week of June that he will be at Camp Joy.

You never realize the impact that your work may have as you go about your daily work.  For me it was a wonderful moment to know that several of our puppets would be used in a venue that was so special to us as kids.  Even though I have not been there for over 50 years, the memories are just as clear as last week.

I hope each of you are able at some time to experience something like this.  Barry told me later in the day that his wife would take pictures of our puppets at the camp.
That is all for now. 

We will talk again next week.
Steve and JET 

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  1. Christian camps hold a lot of great memories for me also! Not only did I experience it in my youth, but I have either directed them or spoken at them with ventriloquism and gospel magic throughout 50 plus years of pastoral ministry. Uncle George, whom I purchased from you, has joined my puppet family and is a real hit wherever he goes!

  2. Unbelievable! We just moved to West Virginia from the Milwaukee area. Some of our favorite memories are at camp joy. We would go to family camp there and then our older children have all taken turns working there.
    Just recently I was wondering about Berry Webb, because he came to our church when my husband and I were first in the ministry. I’m so glad to hear that he is still going in evangelism!
    I purchased my puppet Henrietta from you all. I have been asked to go to several ladies meetings. I needed a puppet that would connect with the ladies. Henrietta does the job! The Lord is definitely using your talents! Thanks, Staci

    1. Hey, Staci! Thanks for the kind words about our ministry years ago! Cheryl and I are in our 41st year of full-time evangelism now, praise the Lord! Say “hello” to the rest of your family for us!

      Evangelist Dr. Barry Webb

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