We All Need to Have a Critic

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We all need to have a critic on our level of performance as a vent. If you will be brutally honest, you have the ability to be the best critic of your performance.

Set up a “stage area” at your house in a spare room or in the basement if you have one. Set up a video camera and turn it on. Then pretend that someone introduces you to an audience.

Make your big introduction to the audience and then proceed to give the crowd the best performance of their lives. After the “applause” dies off, then stop the camera and sit down with a pad of paper and watch the performance. Take notes.

Watch it again and take more notes. Turn it off and wait till the next day. Watch it again and take more notes. You will find that each time you watch the video, you take some notes that you have not taken before. Now, combine all your notes onto one list. Begin working on the improvements and fixes one at a time.

Work through the entire list.

When you have gone through the whole list and made improvements, set the camera up and give another performance.
Watch the new video and make a new list. We think if you do this a few times that you will find your performance has gotten much better. Continuous work will result in better results. Someone once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Thats all for this week. We will talk again next week.

Steve & JET

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