Puppet First Aid Kit

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We want to take a few minutes and cover a very important aspect of ventriloquism that is not often talked about.

The topic is your puppets First Aid Kit.

Almost everyone who has ever performed more than just a few times will tell you that the rules hold true for puppets as well as for people. The rule is that “If it can go wrong, sooner or later it probably will”.

When you are on the road performing, there are always the little things that can go wrong that can mess up a performance. Even if the audience never sees what happens, you know it and can be affected by it. If you know something is not just perfect, and it affects your ability to be on top of your game, then the audience will know that.

Let’s cover a few things that can go wrong.

A puppets fingernail comes off or a puppet’s teeth come loose. In your First Aid Kit, if you have a few Q-Tips and a small container of “Contact Cement” (maybe in a baby food jar), then you can very quickly use the Q-Tip to apply a touch of Contact Cement to both surfaces. Wait about 5 minutes and press the offending item back into place.

If your puppet is a Diva, she might get a run in her stocking. Solution, have a spare pair of knee high stockings in your First Aid Kit.

It is always wise to carry a needle and thread. I pair of scissors is a good thing. Maybe a couple of spare finger nails.

You will find as time goes on that you add things to your Kit that you find to be useful. “Always Prepared” is not just a motto. It is a point of wisdom. If you have to eat before you perform, even a toothbrush for yourself is a good thing to have. You sure don’t want to find out later that you performed with a piece of spinach between your teeth.

We recommend that you start with just a small plastic tackle box. It should have plenty of room in it for all the things that you need and will only cost you about $5.00 at Lowes or some other building supply store.

May your lips be still, but your mind be moving.

Until next time,

Steve and JET

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