Lets Take A Moment to Remember

Something New

As we enjoy our lives and really love the craft that is Ventriloquism, lets take a short break and remember how we have the lives that we love.

When you get something new, you go somewhere and pay the price for what you want.  What we have in America is just like that.  The difference is that for over 245 years that “Something New” that we enjoy is only because many other good people have paid the price for what we want and enjoy on a daily basis.  Thousands of good folks have paid the price by sacrificing  there own lives so that we can be free and enjoy the freedom that others died to obtain.  This Memorial Day, lets do what these Hero’s would have wanted and enjoy the lives they died (or were wounded) to give us. Lets remember to take some time to think back and be grateful to those who paid the price for what we have.

One way  to do this is not just on Memorial Day but every day of the year.  Be aware of Veterans who are walking down the street wearing hats that say “USMC” or “Navy” or “Army” or “Air Force”.  Take just a second to walk up to them, extend your hand, shake theirs, look them in the eye and say “Thank You for Your Service”.  It is a small price for us to pay for the Sacrifice these fine folks paid to serve.

Be thankful for what we have and to those who paid the price.

We will talk more next week.

Steve and JET

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