Is Your Material Current?

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Every now and then we will see something that reminds us of the importance of keeping your material current. Have you ever seen a stand up comedian that falls flat when he gets up and talks about things that are happening . . . and everything he brings up are news articles that are several years old?

The same thing holds true with Ventriloquists. We, as a group, are basically stand up comedians – with puppets, figures or dummies.

It is very important that if you are using material where your character is making a funny comment about a news item or a politician that you keep the material up to date and current. Yes, almost all politicians are fair game and make funny blunders, but if you are going to take a humorous poke at a political figure, PLEASE don’t take a poke at Richard Nixon.

Ok that’s extreme, but you get the point. It is really very simple. Constantly review your script material and if the line is more than 3 months old, replace it. The general public memory does not function well beyond that.

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Steve & JET

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