Are you going to be the next one to say this?

Recently we sent out a set of final approval photos to a lady we have begun to develop a real friendship with. In recent months she has been ordering quite a few new puppets, and although we have known of her for several years, she has I believe, traditionally been a hard figure Vent.

A couple of hours after we sent out her approval photos, we got this response:

Hi Jet & Steve,
She makes me laugh! I’m gonna love working with her! The red color scheme & shoes are a great look for her character. Whenever she’s ready for me, I’ll be ready for her. By the way, Cliff was a huge hit Sunday night! I had a blast with him. I should have gone to soft characters years ago.
Thank you so much,
Name withheld since we did not get her permission to use her note

It seems that more and more Vents are coming to the same conclusion. Although we all have a great deal of respect and admiration for the hard figures of the past, audiences today are becoming more and more friendly to soft sculpture puppets.

Thats all for now folks,

Steve and JET

1 thought on “Are you going to be the next one to say this?”

  1. The more I use the soft puppets, the more this remains true! I have never gone back to the hard ones. The soft are people friendly! They are easier to put a personality to, as well. Cliff says hello…😆 And Merry Christmas to all! Joni

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