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A large part of our customers are ventriloquists. To those of you that also use “hard” figures or ventriloquist dummies, here’s an idea for you to consider.

We’ve been hearing horror stories about traveling vents and their luggage containing their ventriloquist figures get lost and they can’t perform or have to change their performance. Or with the added costs of extra luggage sure is putting a strain on the ole wallet.

Here’s a possible solution for you. Contact us to make a custom puppet that looks like your hard figure(s). This way, when you travel you can carry on your soft puppet “look-a-likes” (cause soft puppets are easier to carry on) then if your luggage is lost or you don’t want to pay the extra expense, you have the soft puppets as a back up.

As a for instance, Evangelist Ed Dunlop had a figure made by Craig Lovik that he has used for many years. He was becoming quite concerned about the amount of damage that TSA had done to “Andy”. So concerned in fact that he had stopped flying with Andy.

He contacted us and we did a soft look a like of his Lovik figure. Ed now travels freely with his new soft Andy and has had no problems with TSA doing any damage to Andy.

If you’re interested in this idea or have more questions, feel free to contact us so we can help you out.

Until next time,

Steve & JET

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