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A topic that we are always hearing questions about is Costuming for Puppets. The same puppet if costumed differently can take on an entirely different personality.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

If a particular character is just not working for you, make some changes. While we don’t recommend making changes on a puppet that has become the signature character in your act, we do want to encourage you to make changes if you have one that just is not right.

We all look at a puppet and think up front that we have a voice and character in mind and spend the big bucks to get the puppet.

Then when we actually get home and begin working with the puppet, we suddenly discover that what we thought just did not come together the way we thought it would.

Or maybe over time we discover that our preferences have changed and what worked well when we were younger just does not work that well anymore. Maybe our puppet needs to grow and mature with time. There are tons of reasons why changes can be needed.

Go to your local clothing shop. Don’t be afraid to shop at thrift stores and bargain shops. Why pay 25 dollars for an item that you might pay 1.00 for after someone else has donated it to a thrift store. Many times you can find clothes that simply were never worn.

For the average size puppet (of ours) a 3T or 4T is just perfect. Decide if you want to make your puppet look well groomed or does he need to be a little sloppy? There are not any rules. Do what fits you and your character.

Shoes. Usually an Infant size 4 works well. Again the thrift stores. Little folks don’t typically wear through the soles of their shoes. Maybe a little bit of wear showing is a good thing. It can tell the audience that this is a real character who gets around a bit.

Don’t be afraid to change the wig. We do recommend that you try the new one on in the mirror before removing the original and attaching the new one.

Play around. Get creative. What works for you might not work for anyone else and visa versa.

We will talk again next week.

Steve and JET

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