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Jay Ramon (M-127)
Hobie (C-77)

Hey Everyone,

Just a tickler this week. Within the next 7 -10 days when you log on to you will think you have gone to a whole different world.

For many weeks since the unfortunate passing of our long term webmaster, Steve Hurst, literally tons of hours have gone into creating this new website. We have made every attempt to make your trip through the new site as pleasant as possible.

Instead of going to a page where you have to navigate your way around to find out what is new, the second you open the site, you will immediately go to the “Available Now” page which is what most of you have said that you are wanting to see when you first login. Each of the new puppets will have a picture that is several times larger than what you are used to seeing. The price on each is much larger and the photography is much more clear than ever before.

That is the big first introduction to the new site. We hope you are beginning to anticipate what is coming. Thanks so much and we hope you will have a good week.

We will talk again next week,

Steve and JET

1 thought on “New website about to be completed”

  1. I LOVE the new website!! So easy to navigate and wonderful pictures of the puppets. You are one of the first people I thought of when I found out we wouldn’t be seeing each other this year. BUT this site is next best!! So much is happening. I have an idea we will discuss soon!

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