Fixing a Minor Problem with your Puppet

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Winona Juggs (L-93)
Grandma Pipkin (L-94)
Lester (A-153)

Every now and then you may have had a problem with the way you have stored a soft sculptured puppet.  You may find that an arm or a leg has become a bit deformed and “smooshed”.

If you find that you have a problem, and there is a slight deformity, find a vacuum cleaner that has a hose on it.  Take the hose off of the vacuum side of the machine and put the hose on the side of the machine that blows air out.  Take a small towel and wrap it around the part of the foam body of the puppet that is deformed and insert the hose (blowing side) into the towel.

Turn the vacuum on and let the air being blown into the puppet  slowly re-inflate the part of the puppet that has been deformed.  The foam of your puppet is actually just an air filled item and can be fixed simply.

It is so easy that it is almost hard to understand.

We will talk again next week.

Steve and JET

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