It’s In the Bag

A major thing that our Vent friends have complained about is transporting their soft puppets, either by ground or by air.

The Dummy Shoppe now has travel bags that can be used any way you need them to be used. Each bag is capable of transporting one full sized soft puppet.

These bags are a heavy canvas structure, measuring 11″ x 12″ x 21″ with three zippered pouches on each bag for accessories, and it has its own tag for Airline Identification. The bags can be personalized with YOUR name or the name of the character in the bag.

Some of our Vent friends prefer to put the characters name on the bag, so that they can quickly identify the needed character. You could personally carry three or four characters (in their own bags) with less effort than you formerly carried even one of your large characters.

This is a good investment to preserve your characters. When shipped at the same time that a puppet is shipped to you, shipping is covered by the shipping of the puppet.

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