The “Eyes” Have It…

This week we want to touch briefly on the subject of Eyes.

We have all been told that the eyes are the window to the soul. Even though we all know that your puppet is not a living creature, in reality it is. Depending entirely on how much life you bring to it with your skills.

When we first started making puppets, we used the same old tired button eyes that have been around for ever. Even then we did not like what we were doing. In time, JET began to experiment with her own eyes, hand painting each eye as she made a new puppet. Depending on the character, some eyes are goofy, some are serious, but on the human type of character, we felt that they should look human.

Whether you have L/R moving eyes or blinkers or neither, we want you to be able to combine your skills as a vent with a character that is truly believable. With good eyes, we want your audience to become absorbed in the life of the character, at least for the time you are on stage.

This is one of the reasons that we send out our little questionnaire before you order your puppet. We need to know the type of eye you want and the color of the eye.

As always, we want to do our part in making your act come to life and draw attention to the puppet and away from you when the puppet is “speaking”.

Regardless of the type of character you have, be it an overmade older cougar lady, or a Dinosaur, an Asian girl, or a Rock Superstar, we want each set of eyes to bring the most life to your character.





Until next time,

Steve and JET

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