Show your Versatility

As we continue to experiment with stick controls (Figmys), we wanted to show you some things that would never have been possible with traditional Soft Sculpture.

Here is Gus.


Can you imagine getting your hand in that neck?

We just wanted you to get a feel for what your imagination can do when you are operating outside the box. Gus is a great character for using at school shows and birthday parties. He is loaded with insecurities and personality glitches. He absolutely refuses to give up his shell, because to him it represents Home, Warmth, Safety, Security and Bullies can’t get to him as long as he has his shell. Despite the fact that he long ago outgrew his shell, he still clings to it for his security blanket.

Gus is a very simple character having only mouth movement on his Head Stick, and will be a great addition to your show.

See his video to get a sense of his movement capability.

Keep the comments coming. They inspire us to keep trying new things.

Click here to see more of Gus

One thing we don’t want to forget

Between now and our next post, we have a very special day coming up. Thanksgiving. As we begin to count our Blessings, we don’t want to forget that we consider each of you to be among our blessings. Yes it is business, but to us it is far more than that. It is about considering ourselves to be blessed with the friendship of each of you and for that we are truly Thankful. We wish all of you the most blessed of Thanksgiving days as you spend it with those who are closest to you.

Steve, JET and the crew at The Dummy Shoppe

1 thought on “Show your Versatility”

  1. I have been a ventriloquist since I was 7 years old, I am now 62 years young. Isn’t it funny how that works! When I was young I was OLD and now that I am Older, I’m YOUNG! I’ll have to ask SKIP about that, he’s 163 yrs old, there were 162 rings on the tree before they chopped it down, anyway, I enjoyed visiting your website! I even saw some friends that I have met years ago at the ConVENTion.
    I am a Shrine Clown, “Bubbles” and have performed in a number of Shrine Circus’ (They tell me that is how you’re supposed to spell circuses) go figure! I am a member of the Ocala Shrine Club in Ocala Florida. I am Chief Clown of the Clown Unit there. We do public appearances frequently and a few of the clowns use puppets. I am going to tell them about the puppets that you make. Although I have collected ventriloquist figures for many of my years and made a few as well, I will start saving for one of your puppets in the future. I am sure that the crippled children that we entertain yearly will enjoy seeing one of your creations come to life in my hands. You do great work!
    Dennis “Bubbles” Meeks

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