You can’t possible die – – if you stay outside the box!!!

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We are constantly thinking, trying to find something that is out of the box. We want to have things available that nobody else has. Even if you don’t like the item that we have, if it sparks your creative side and gives you ideas for something new then we have done our job.

Not long ago, we did a little Figmy named “Chubby”. Yep, he was weird. All he was is a talking shrunken head. We got several comments back from you as a group.

One person did find a use for him. Patrick Wan is about as big a name that you can find in Singapore. He is kind of like a Terry Fator in his part of the world. He is also a fun guy to work with because he is always thinking about things that nobody else has.

Patrick bought Chubby, and for the life of me, I could not figure out what use he would have for him. Patrick is an inspiration to all of us to take something out of the ordinary and make it into something that is so different that his audience (in the background) obviously loved.

Patrick sent us this video and we were stunned. He took Chubby and a lady skeleton and was doing a duet of Lady Ga Ga. Different – You betcha. Funny – Yes.
Watch for yourself and see. Keep something in the back of your mind. First, realize that there are some cultural and language differences. But more important than that – learn to stay outside of the box.


Thats all for now. Keep thinking outside the box. Be different. You don’t have to be dirty to be funny.

Steve & JET

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