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Mission, Vision & Values

At The Dummy Shoppe - Puppets by JET, we consider it our mission to work for both our old friends and the new friends we have not yet met, to create characters that will give each Vent something memorable and special for their act.  We want each of our Vent friends to have unique puppets that combined with their individual talents will help set them apart from all other Vents.  We want every puppet we make to be constructed in such a way that their quality alone sets them apart from all other puppets in the marketplace.

We want to create characters that are both user and audience friendly.  They must be created in such a way that the Vents fatigue factor is at an absolute minimum while having audience appeal that makes your crowd want to see even more of you when you are finished.


We want to give back to the industry that has given so many years of good clean entertainment to the public, and in the giving back provide a vehicle to further strengthen the industry for generations to come.


At The Dummy Shoppe we have heard many stories of makers that have promised to deliver puppets to Vents and to have them done by a certain date and then completely failed to come even close to that commitment.  We believe that if we tell you something will ship out on a certain date, that you should rest easy that your puppet will in fact ship out on that date providing that all your payments have been received by that date.  We want to do everything possible to be sure that you are happy with your new character.  If you are not happy, we are not happy.


It is our intention to make the acquisition of a new character something that you truly look forward to and not something that you dread.  We always look forward to you writing us when you receive your new character to tell us just how excited and satisfied you are with your new family member.  When we achieve this, we know that the next time you need a new character that you will look on our site first to see what we have available for immediate shipment.  We also know that when you recommend our site to a friend that you have the confidence in our puppets to put your own credibility on the line.  We strive to never let you down.


If we can do all of this, then and only then will we have lived up to our expectations of ourselves.  We will do unto you like we would want you to do unto us.  (Someone else once said this.)


We do reserve the right to politely decline to work on any project that we find distasteful, offensive or morally inconsistent with our core beliefs and values.  We appreciate your understanding in this area.

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