The Importance of Your Eyes

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Something that we can not emphasize too strongly, is what you do with your eyes during your show. When you are talking to your puppet, it is important that you keep a fair amount of eye contact with your puppet.

Turn your head toward the puppet and look him/her/it right into the eye. When you are not looking the puppet in the eye, it is just as important that you find several people in the audience and make eye contact with each of them for short periods of time.

Try to judge the points in the conversation that are important to specific people and use those times to make eye contact with those people.

This is a fairly short topic, but it is a big topic in importance. Do not appear to be too animated as a Ventriloquist. If you get a room full of people that you can practice with, spend time looking from person to person and then back and forth to your puppet. As always, practice, practice, practice.

We will talk again next week,

Steve and JET

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