Do you sound just like your puppet?

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Have you ever noticed that when you listen to other Vents, that they seem to sound very much like their puppet and visa versa?

Have you ever thought that maybe other people may be thinking the same thing about you? Get a tape recorder, (or your phone) and record about 5 minutes of your act. Play it back and listen very carefully. Do you and your puppet sound just about the same?

Well there might be a way to correct this problem. A way that will have you and your puppet sounding completely different from each other. Go you and search for videos of people speaking in other languages.

For the sake of this article, lets use Spanish for an example.  We don’t want to use the Spanish language, just the accent. Study the way Spanish sounds when it is spoken (in English) by someone with a Spanish accent. Now take a little time and learn how to make your puppet speak with a Spanish accent.

Now work on a dialog with your puppet speaking in a Spanish accent while you continue to speak in English. Even if your voice and your puppets voice sound almost the same, by your puppet speaking in a Spanish accent while you continue to speak in English, you now have two completely different voices.

Try it and see what you think.

We will talk again next week.

Steve and JET

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2 Responses to Do you sound just like your puppet?

  1. Marshall says:

    Yes! Absolutely record your act. But wait, at least a few day, before you listen to it. It will give you a much greater perspective. Give it some time

  2. Craig Hanson says:

    Very practical advice. When I purchased my character Al (in a strait jacket) from you, I first tried to reproduce an Italian accent. I couldn’t do that very well, but I was able to mimic an eastern European accent. So Al sounds like Count Dracula. Thank you to Bela Lugosi and all his imitators!

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