As each of us walk through our daily lives we each have an impact on other people. This can be on someone you know or on someone you have never heard of or met. Sometimes you can do things that you intend to have an impact on someone, but often we don’t realize that others are watching and being influenced.

One day this week, I was looking through some random YouTube videos on me phone. After watching several, I came to the bottom of the page. The first video on that page was a video of Darci Lynne.

At the bottom of the page were several on-line comments. Usually I ignore these remarks as often they contain things that are unkind or just plain mean/nasty. However something caught my eye and I continued to read.

I had to take several screen shots to get the full impact of what the gentleman was saying so I would not lose the content if I went to a different page,

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Holiday Performing is Right Around the Corner

Have you noticed that many of the big chain stores already have Christmas items on display (and have for several weeks)? It is good to take notice of their schedules and plan yours accordingly.

It is hard to think about Christmas when (in some parts of the country) you still have sweat pouring into your eyes from the heat of summer, but this is the time to start planning. Start figuring out your Christmas Shows. Make sure that you know what puppets you will be using. Check out the condition of the puppets that you want to use. This is the time to make any needed repairs.

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Something to pay attention to…

We are always watching videos to see different techniques that different Vents have. One major area that most Vents need improvement on, is in the area of their own facial expressions when talking to their own character.

Specifically what I am talking about is that so many Vents let their own expressions just turn deadpan when the puppet is talking.

What you need to concentrate on is that when the puppet is talking, you need to practice letting your face show the correct emotion for what is happening.

This can range from surprise, shock, anger, disappointment, humor, sadness and many other emotions.

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Other eVENTS in the World of Ventriloquism


While all the attention was focused on Darci Lynne, there have been other Ventriloquists rocking the entertainment world.

Another young lady, Miss Hannah Leskowsky has been helping keep the profession of Ventriloquism in the public eye.

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Apparently 25% of ALL Talent in the last 12 years is to be found in Ventriloquists !!!


Once again on Wednesday night another Ventriloquist was crowned as the top talent in America. Darci Lynne became the third Ventriloquist out of 12 years to win the top spot. 3 out of 12 – that is 25%.

Wednesday night America got treated to what those of us who are regular attendees at Vent Haven ConVENTion get to see almost every year. We get to see Darci Lynne, Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham all perform within minutes of each other. Just like July on a national stage.

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