Vent Haven ConVENTion 2015 is Almost Here

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It is this time of year when we realize how quickly July is sneaking up. It’s almost time for our annual vacation of fun, learning and total silliness.

It is time for the Venthaven ConVENTion. I know many of you, like us, are regulars at the vent family reunion, but some of you have not yet managed to put in an appearance.

For those of you who are just starting out in vent, The Venthaven ConVENTion is THE most exciting eVENT on our annual calendar. There just is no other gathering like it.

To be able to attend all the seminars with top professionals and to absorb their literally hundreds of years of experience by listening to all the mistakes they can help you avoid in your career is of far more value than the cost of the ConVENTion.

To rub elbows with the likes of Jeff Dunham, Jim Barber, Sammy King and countless other names that you are familiar with is priceless. To be blown away with being able to see performances and just how healthy the art form still is, is also worth the price. So many names, so much talent, so much fun.

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Even though you want to keep your puppet constantly in motion to keep it looking alive, you also want to go one step further in order to help capture his/her personality and give him/her some unique traits that will endear the puppet with the audience.

Back in the old days, movie actors would have habits that they would use on a regular basis. John Wayne had a particular walk that he used on a regular basis. It became known as “his” walk.

Some movie stars would also use cigarettes/cigars as their trademark habit. Telly Sevalas had his round sucker that he was always sucking on. Today if you see an actor with a lollipop type sucker, you almost automatically think of “Kojak”. (If you are old enough to be of that generation).

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And the Winners Are…

Well, the results are all in for the big writing contest. Before we begin, lets first take care of announcing who each of the finalists were so that everyone gets proper credit for the part they had in the semi-finals.

Finalist “A” Submitted by Pastor Lenny Fuller

Finalist “B” Submitted by Hillary Saffron

Finalist “C” Submitted by Mark Truman

Finalist “D” Submitted by Donna Reinstein

Finalist “E” Submitted by Damian Salgado

A sincere word of thanks to each of these finalists and to the many others who took the time to submit scripts but were not fortunate enough to make it to the finals.

Now to the final 3 contestants who were voted to be the top three finishers in the contest.

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Writing Contest Judging

At long last here is the compiled list of finalists for the writing contest.

As you read each of them, please rate them as follows;

A= ___

B= ___

C= ___

D= ___

E= ___

Fill in a number (1 through 5) in the blank with 1 being your favorite. Send us the results when you are finished, and next week we will announce the top three winners along with prize standings.




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I’m Baaaaaack…

Did you ever do something that you were completely unprepared for and when it was over you found that you had done a really horrible job of the new task?

Well, that is exactly what I have just been through. On April 6th, I did something I was not prepared for. I had a major heart attack. I had never done it before and was not prepared for the experience. I had no idea just how many holes a medical team could poke into you withing a short period of time. I will now forever feel a certain kinship to a pin cushion.

Talk about confused. Get more rest. Wake up for us to poke a few more holes into you. Go back to sleep.

Anyway, as badly as I messed up the performance of the attack, I finally finished the show. I am now back to the office in the Shoppe and slowly but surely getting caught up. The good news (at least for me) is that there is no ultimate damage from a lifetime to too many greasy cheeseburgers. I will be changing my diet (not my choice, but sometimes decisions get made by others on our behalf).

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