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As most of you have been aware for quite a while, we are wanting to move our website in a different direction.

We live in an age of instant gratification. When you want a hamburger, you pull up to the drivethru window at McDonalds. You look at the Menu, place your order and pull around to the window. You pay get your hamburger and drive away. Instant gratification.

We concluded years ago that if we could do something similar in the world of soft sculpture, that it would be well received by the Vent Community. You want a puppet. You pull up to the menu (the Available Now section on the website http://ow.ly/okCl307WOUn ). You look over all your choices, place your order, pay and get your puppet and drive away. Instant gratification.

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An Opportunity to Take Advantage of the Slow Season

We are all taking a deep breath and trying to get a well deserved rest from the fun but tiring activities of the Holidays.

Now lets take a minute and find a way to reset our skills in a positive way to be able to take advantage of this slow season of the year.

We all want to hear from audiences that are truthful while yet being kind as they give us feedback on our performances. Well, lets find just such an audience. First lets realize that to find such an audience we probably won’t be able to get paid for our time in this effort.

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Another Year is Over


This is the end of another year and the beginning of the New Year.

We get to put all our mistakes in the past and start over again with a new slate.

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Its the Happiest time of the Year


We want to be first in line to wish each of you A Merry Christmas!

While much of the world is in turmoil, it is great to be able to remember and to celebrate the birth of the Christ child so many years ago.

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Big News at Maher Studios

Just got big news from Maher Studios. For the last three years as most of you know, since the death of Clinton Detweiler, Maher Studios has been jointly run by Mark Wade, Ken Groves and Tom Crowl.

The announcement was made today that Mark Wade and Ken Groves were both stepping down from their operating positions.

Mark has a travel schedule that is now demanding much of his time and he also has the full time task of keeping the Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion running.


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