Happy Thanksgiving

We want each of you to know that as we take this holiday weekend off to celebrate Thanksgiving that we Thank the Almighty for each of you and your friendships to us. You mean more than you will know in this life.

Lets not forget that we should all think through the many blessings in our lives and in humble prayer on Thanksgiving day remember to Thank God for each of the things He has blessed us with in the last 12 months.

We want to thank each of you who expressed prayers and support for us during the days in April when Steve had his heart attack and subsequent surgery for the installation of a pace maker. We are thankful that everything came out well.

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A Video Practice Session

We have recently written about doing practice video sessions to help you improve on your Vent skills.

One of our good friends sent us the video that he did of himself to let him see what he was doing right and wrond. The character is a little fella named “Al” that we did for him this year.

dummyshoppe al

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Keeping all your performance options open

We received a note from our good friend Gary Green from Canada this week. Gary sent us a video of himself and his old first generation Indian gentleman (as they are called in Canada). This was a puppet that JET did for Gary several years ago.

Mexico Trip 092414 2780

Remarkably, the video was not taken in Canada, but rather from a “storytellers” event in Mexico. What makes this so important is that it highlights the things that you as a Ventriloquist can do to get your act “out there”.

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Big changes in store for The Dummy Shoppe

thedummyshoppe puppets by JET sm

There have been some things in the works for a couple of years that are going to be coming to pass in the next couple of weeks.

First, let me say that JET LOVES making puppets. However, there are aspects of the puppet business that she is NOT in love with.

All “similars” contracted before todays date will be completed as agreed. Nothing will change in these agreements.

JET wants to be able to make the puppets that she wants to make. We are not concerned about making a bunch of new styles and designs and having no where to send them. JET’s creativity has always inspired people with new ideas.

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We All Need to Have a Critic

We all need to have a critic on our level of performance as a vent. If you will be brutally honest, you have the ability to be the best critic of your performance.

Set up a “stage area” at your house in a spare room or in the basement if you have one. Set up a video camera and turn it on. Then pretend that someone introduces you to an audience.

Make your big introduction to the audience and then proceed to give the crowd the best performance of their lives. After the “applause” dies off, then stop the camera and sit down with a pad of paper and watch the performance. Take notes.

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