New Policy on “Available Now” Puppets

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DoDo (A-148)

Ethel (L-88)

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We all know that most of us might be having harder times than usual. We all hope that these times will be short lived. However, we at The Dummy Shoppe want to do our part at helping you get through the hard times. We are starting a new policy on puppet purchases that will continue even beyond the current difficult times. This only applies to puppets that are in the “Available Now” category. This way if you see that one puppet that you just fall in love with and would round out your stage team, but you just can’t afford it all at one time, we have a new way to help you get the puppet of your dreams before someone else “steals” it from you.

Announcing Puppet Layaway

Here is how it works.

First, all payments are non-refundable.

Basically the way it works is easy. Take the total cost of the puppet including shipping (shipping will vary depending on your location. Send us an email and we will tell you what the shipping costs to your location).

Here is an Example: If the Puppet is $550.00 and shipping is $30.00 the total cost would be $580.00.

Divide the total cost by 4. 1/4th of the total cost is $145.00. When we receive the first $145.00 (down payment), that will secure your purchase of that puppet. One month later the first of the remaining three payments is due. Two months later the second payment is due, and three months later the final payment is due. When we receive the final payment, a box goes out to you within 24 hours containing your new puppet.

We do not want any interest for your puppet. The purpose is to get you the puppet that you want with the least amount of hardship for you. If you wish to make payments early, that is not a problem but is not required. If at any time you would like to pay off the balance of your new puppet and get it headed your way early, that is also fine with us.

Just in case you are wondering, we will always be willing to take full payment at time of purchase just like always.

Let us know what we can do for you. We will talk again next week.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know. We will talk again next week. Stay safe and continue practicing your skills.

Steve and JET

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Posturing and Your Puppet

We take a little bit of time almost everyday to watch videos of performances that are out in “the cyber zone”.

We love watching the many creative performers that make their living entertaining folks with puppets. We also get a kick out of watching some of them who are not quite as good. We are all at different levels of development, and therefore we should all be striving to perfect our art form and become just a little better. Continue reading

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Maybe Your Puppet Needs a New Look?

Something New

Julius (C-74)









From time to time we all find that our material and puppets need a little “updating”. Ok we know that. Now how do we go about achieving the new fresh look. Continue reading

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Big Change Coming to Keep up with Technology

Something New

Buster (A-146)

Dorcas (L-87)










Kind of a change up for a topic this week. For the last 13 years we have functioned with our website pretty much as it has been since it was first written. While it was good in the beginning, all technology gets old and falls behind the times. Continue reading

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Incorporating Physical Humor into your Act

Something New

Rigby (K-15)

Clarabell (L-86)

Orval (M-123)






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