Terry Fator at the Vent Haven ConVENtion 2016

One of the really informative events at this years VHC was the seminar given by Terry Fator. It may take a few weeks to give you the meat of the material that he gave us, but he had some really great concepts.

First. Steal all the ideas that you can get. If they are worth having, steal them. (Don’t hang up yet.)

Any good idea that someone else has, steal it. Now before you flip out – stop there. Having stoled the idea now stop right there. NO ONE can own an idea. So by merely stealing the idea and having not used it in its original format, you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

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Puppet Rights Matter

It came to our attention last week that we need to address the issue of legal rights on our puppets. Accordingly, we have posted the policy on our website as follows


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Vent Haven ConVENTion 2016 Is Underway

The 2016 ConVENTion is underway. So far it is crazy busy. We won’t take time to do a lot of talking right now, but we did want to get several pictures out for you to see.

Enjoy and we will talk soon.

IMG_20160713_131716~2 IMG_20160713_131649~2 IMG_20160713_131723~2 IMG_20160713_131636 IMG_20160713_131526 IMG_20160713_131438 IMG_20160713_131731~2

Steve and JET

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Vent Haven ConVENTion 2016 is Here!!!

Well everyone. At long last the time is upon us. After 12 months it is time again to go for our annual dose of craziness at Vent Haven ConVENTion.

We are finishing up last minute details over the next couple of days. On Tuesday morning we will be heading up the super slab (interstate) for Kentucky.

This will be the biggest show in the history of Vent Haven. The 40th anniversary is going to be the most heavily attended in the history of the event.
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Happy 4th of July Weekend


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