Changing outfits on your puppet

Daniel Clemente puppet
The picture on the left is the way we shipped to puppet to him and the picture on the right is how she looks after the remake.

Recently we have been in touch with our good friend Daniel Clemente. He had purchased an old woman puppet but could not seem to find her voice and personality. He was thinking of selling her. A while back we had suggested a trip to the local Thrift Store on another puppet.

Just before selling this puppet, Daniel decided to go Thrift Shopping. With very little time and effort and certainly not much money, Daniel came up with a new outfit for the puppet that completely changed her look and personality. Her voice suddenly came to him and she now has a new life in his group of puppets.

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A Friendly Reminder…Maintaining Your Soft Puppet

We do this every so often because it’s very important for the life of your puppet. Just a reminder that it is probably time to maintain your soft puppet.

Go to your local “Lowes” or equivalent home center and buy a can of aerosol “Scotch Guard”. Lay out a few old newspapers on a table, then take some blue “Painters Masking Tape” to cover the eyes. Do NOT use regular masking tape as it is too strong and may do more damage than good.

Take the blue tape and carefully cover the eyes of each soft puppet. This is a must as Scotch Guard is the natural enemy of your puppets eyes. After covering each eye, take a little more blue tape and “blot” all over the rest of your puppets body to remove any lint, or other loose debris and in general clean it up.

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Keeping your puppet alive

From time to time we like to address the topic of the many ways to keep your puppet looking alive.

This time we are going to work on the puppets hands.

Ever look and a puppet and notice the hands just look FLAT and LIFELESS?

There is no need for this. If you have a JET puppet, you can very easily bring your hands to life. All puppets from The Dummy Shoppe come with there hands and wrists wired internally.

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Time Out For A Little Vent Fun


We were treated to some fun this week. About 6 or 7 years ago, we became acquainted with a young man named Seth Walentowski at Vent Haven ConVENTion in Kentucky. We were impressed with him in that even at an early age, he was consumed with a love of the art.

You could not keep him (or his mother, Clair) out of the dealer rooms an every time we were in a seminar we would see Seth soaking in all the knowledge that he could get from each class..

We have watched him grow over the years, and if he and his Mother ever missed a ConVENTion we are not aware of it. We always look forward to seeing them every year in Kentucky.

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A Subject That Needs to be Addressed

First, let me say thank you to the large number of you who responded to our request for help two weeks ago. Your responses on the types of puppets you would like to see on our “Available Now” section was very helpful. The responses were to numerous to respond to each person, but each was thoroughly read and noted.

There is a subject that I wish to cover with all of our friends.

If in the course of working for you, we find that your demands are unreasonable, we have two options. We can continue to try and satisfy you, or at our discretion we can terminate the arrangement by merely notifying you that the arrangement is terminated and just refunding your deposit in total.

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