Nervous Ticks or Blood Sucking Insects???

Do you have “ticks”? You should have. No we are not talking about those pesky little blood sucking insects. Nobody wants them. What we are talking about is the type of ticks that your puppet needs to give him/her/it their individuality on stage.

A tick is something like a repetitive nervous twitch. By using arm rod(s) you can give your character a stuffy nose where he can have the sniffles then constantly wipe his nose with his sleeve or just rub his nose with his hand.

A tick is where your puppet (again with arm rods) can scratch his head, smooth down his hair, pat himself on the back or some other such unique gesture that he might make to break up the dialogue that you are using.

He can rub his throat while clearing his throat. If you have a children’s audience he might (with the right character) pick his nose and then show it to you. Sounds crazy but kids are fixated with silly little things like “boogers”.

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You Just Never Know What to Expect

Recently we have become acquainted with a nice gentleman in Westerngrund, Germany. His name is Siegfried Eberle. We talked quite a bit via Email over the last several months and he quickly became someone that we felt like we have known for a long time.

On Friday, October 6, 2016 we were ready to ship his puppet out to him. That morning we got up bright and early so that we could leave town for a couple of days.

Our local Post Office was not yet open and we did not want to wait for an extra hour. We decided to just go on down the road and find another Post Office. That always works well if you are shipping a package to a town in the USA. Any Post Office will work for that. . . . unless you are shipping something out of the Country.

For International packages, you must ship from a “real” Post Office instead of a smaller Contract Station.

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Something You Should Know

Something you should know is that you may not be using all of your puppets potential to its fullest. If you have a JET puppet, she almost always leaves a small gap between the upper and lower mouth plates. This is done for a variety of reasons such as avoiding the mouth being too tight to function properly with your hand.

This feature also offers other possibilities for you. If you will put your hand in the puppets mouth, you will discover that you can move your thumb up and down. You already knew this as it is how you make the puppet talk.

You can also move your thumb a little bit from side to side giving the puppet the ability to get some new expressions on his/her face such as a funny “set jaw” look which can be amusing.

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Start Making Plans Now!

I was talking to a ventriloquist friend a couple of days ago and the topic came up of Vent Haven 2017. This person did just like I have heard several other people do. He moaned and groaned about the expense of the ConVENTion.

So I decided to add up the expenses of the trip. The cost of getting into the ConVENTion is about $125.00 for the first person in a group or family. If you arrived at the Marriot on Wednesday about noon, you would only need to be there for 4 nights if you did not depart until Sunday morning.

Cost of Hotel, $480.00. So far that is $605.00. You don’t need to eat at the expensive Hotel restaurant if you don’t have the money. Drive about a mile from the hotel and there are several inexpensive restaurants like McDonalds.

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Repost: Marketing yourself in your area

We posted this blog a few years ago, but thought it might be a good reminder.

As you try to get established as a Vent in your part of
the Country, you already know most of the basics for
performing. You know that you have to have the skills of
Ventriloquism fairly well polished, but getting your first
several bookings can be a real obstacle. The “business”
side of the art can be a real tripping hazard if you don’t
take the time and effort to market yourself and your skills.

Once you begin to get known, getting more bookings becomes
much easier because every show that you do can also become
a reference to point at. This is another reason that you
cannot afford to leave less than a good taste in EVERY
customer’s mouth. But getting those first bookings can be
a real traumatic experience. Fortunately there is not a
single “right way” to go about it. You must be prepared to
try whatever works for you. Be ready to be flexible. If
you try one thing and it does not work, be prepared to try
something different. If that does not work, switch off to
yet another avenue of effort. Do NOT get discouraged.
Keep trying. You will eventually find one or more things
that do work for you.

Here are just a couple of things to try.

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