Reminder About the Writing Contest

Just a reminder about the writing contest we announced last week. For the official rules, turn back to the blog post for last week. This will also provide you with the list of rules and required words for your script.

Make sure that you submit your script to:

Also make sure that you follow the directions on last weeks blog to sign up for the Email newsletter in order to be eligible for the writing contest.

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Email Newsletter Contest

This week we are starting a writing contest for everyone on our Email Newsletter. We have decided to open it up to those of you who read the blog as well. Feel free to use the premise of the contest to help develop your writing skills.

However, to be eligible to win, you must be signed up for our newsletter. If you are not a member of the newsletter, it is an easy thing to do.

Go to the right of this page and fill in your first name and an email address and click “submit”. You are all signed up and can be an official contestant in the writing contest. The whole purpose is just to have fun and improve your skills.

Now here is the official contest.

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The Hucksters are alive and well in puppetville

Early this week we got an Email from Annalise Scheppers:

Is your Item still available for sale and do you accept PayPal?Kindly get back to me

To make a long story short, after 10 emails, these folks finally revealed that they wanted to pay us an unusual amount of money for a puppet ant then they wanted to have their “agent” pick up the puppet for them and we were to pay the agent $600.00 for picking up the puppet. (To give you a hint, domestic shipping is never more than $35.00 and International is never more than $65.00).

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Broadening the scope of your knowledge of Ventriloquism

ventriloquist central banner

From time to time we like to highlight someone else in the Vent world.

In order to help keep you expanding your horizons, even though you may have certain folks that you follow on a regular basis, you really need to look into other sources of knowledge.

Years ago when we first went to Vent Haven ConVENTion, we were walking around when we met a very nice gentleman. At the time, this man was still a nobody in the world of ventriloquism.

This was soon to change however because that was the year that a really cool partnership was formed. The man that we met was Dan Willinger and he was about to partner up with a webmaster named Steve Hurst. Together they were about to form an internet powerhouse in the vent world. This new entity was to be named “Ventriloquist Central”.

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The Passing of a Legend

For those of you who have not yet heard, we lost a legend in the last couple of weeks. This man was not one of those legends that we had heard about. This man was a man that we had known for several years, and had been fortunate enough to spend several hours a year with him every year at the Vent Haven ConVENTion. We will miss Bill DeMar greatly every time we look around the room in Kentucky and don’t see him in his chair.

Back years ago one late night (about 1:00 A.M.) we were having coffee with Gary and Teddi Owen at Chaucers at the Drawbridge Inn during ConVENTion. While we were talking, Gary spotted a white headed older gentleman and suggested that we move over and sit with him. Gary introduced us to Mr. Bill DeMar and told us at the time that Bill was one of the greatest manipulators in the business.

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