Use Video to Improve Your Performance

When was the last time that you video taped your performance so you can see how you look to your audience?

No matter how good you are (or how good your “mother” has told you that you are) you need to see your performance first hand for yourself to see what you can spot in needed improvements in your act.

Go into a room where there are no other interruptions. Set up a video recorder and proceed to give a performance.

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Get Ready for Holiday Performing

Before you know it, Halloween will be here with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. But these are perfect performing opportunities.

It is hard to think about Christmas when you still have sweat pouring into your eyes from the heat of summer, but this is the time to start planning. Start figuring out your Halloween, Holiday Christmas Shows.

Make sure that you know what puppets you will be using. Check out the condition of the puppets that you want to use. This is the time to make any needed repairs.

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Be Careful with Humor

This is a topic that probably needs to be touched on.

In this election year, most of us have thoughts and opinions about the things that are going on. It is very natural to have those feelings.

However, we must all take into consideration that within each of our audiences, just like the population in general the crowd is about a 50-50 split. What this means is that if you make a highly charged political comment (through your puppet), for every person who wants to jump up and cheer, there will be some “idiot” who thinks just the opposite.

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Who is your favorite Ventriloquist???

Each of us has a favorite Ventriloquist. Let’s take a few minutes to examine our favorite. What makes this person so admirable to us? Is it their puppets? The puppets character? Or is it the Vents style of delivery and humor?

Take a little time to watch several videos of this favorite Ventriloquist. Take some notes on what it is that you really enjoy about this Vent. Next, take each point on your notes and ask yourself this question. “Since I like this ____________ part of his/her act, what can I do to improve my act by adding this little trait?”

Remember, we don’t want to copy the other Vent, but there is some reason why you so enjoy his/her style of performing. Since you enjoy this person, is there something about his/her act that would improve your act. Is it their range of voice? Is it the fact that they don’t move their lips? Is it the way that they manipulate the puppet? Is it the way that they seem to make the puppet come alive?

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Terry Fator at the Vent Haven ConVENtion 2016

One of the really informative events at this years VHC was the seminar given by Terry Fator. It may take a few weeks to give you the meat of the material that he gave us, but he had some really great concepts.

First. Steal all the ideas that you can get. If they are worth having, steal them. (Don’t hang up yet.)

Any good idea that someone else has, steal it. Now before you flip out – stop there. Having stoled the idea now stop right there. NO ONE can own an idea. So by merely stealing the idea and having not used it in its original format, you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

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