Are You a Good Performer?

One thing that everyone needs to be aware of is how good a performer they REALLY are. Not how good do you think you are. Not how good does your Mother and the rest of your family think you are.

Truth – unkind as it can be, is the yardstick you need to judge your performance by. It is after all the way your audience will see you and they came to be entertained by you, not to be kind to a friend or family member who needs a little encouragement.

“How can I find out how good I am” you ask?

For starters, you can practice in front of a mirror. That will tell you some things, but will not be the ultimate judge of good vs. not so good. Somewhere in your house you have a corner or a room in the basement where you can set a video camera on a table focused in your direction.

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Old topic that needs to be reviewed

IMG 20170418 074550-2

I know that we have gone over this topic before, but I think it would be good to review it again as a refresher course. Also, we have a couple hundred new readers that need to hear this material for the first time.

Recently again we were watching some videos of Vents at work. Some of them were pretty good at the craft, and others were not so much. We noticed that one of the major weaknesses in the performances were the way that the Vents allowed their puppets faces to wander all over the place. It was very bad. Puppets need to appear to be focused with their eyes as they are talking.

If the puppet is looking out in the audience, then as they talk, they should be looking at someone in the audience. They should call out a person in the audience. For instance, the big bald heading fat man in the red shirt.

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New Feature in the Blog

tilly dewey

Although it was never our purpose to use this as a “sales tool”, we have had many requests to change one aspect of that.

Many of you have Emailed us and asked if we would start adding a small feature to show links to the new “Available Now” characters for that week. This week we have “Tilly” and “Dewey”.

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Here’s a Tip to Eliminate Visual Problems

Imagination: That place that we can escape to in order to hide from the nastiness of reality; a better place. A land that does not really exist, but should.

These are three possible definitions of the word Imagination. I did not even look the word up, because I know what it means to me. It really is the world that you must be attempting to create for your audience every time you go on stage. Everybody knows what reality is. For a lot of people it is a place that really stinks. It is a place to get away from. The usual. The humdrum. The everyday.

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As expected big website changes are underway

If you did not get time to read last weeks newsletter, we are undergoing what for us are big changes. In an attempt to radically change the way we do things we have discontinued taking custom orders. We are in the process this week of working with our webmaster Steve Hurst to make the needed changes on the website.

To that end, you will find that some things that you are used to seeing are no longer functional. However, I can explain a few things that are going on. We decided not to do away with all the photos of the puppets from the past. If someone new came to the site and all we had were 8 or 9 Available Now puppets, they might get the impression that we only had those puppets and they would not begin watching for what they wanted.

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