Last Week

Just a moment to explain to those who did not get answers to calls and Emails for the last week.

JETs mother very unexpectedly departed this life late last week. We have been tied up with all the arrangements and travel out of State for her funeral.

We are back now and trying to catch up on Emails and phone calls.

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It’s Important to Take Notes


From time to time we like to take a few minutes to focus on small things that can be important to your act. Part of having a great act is having great material to work with.

Everyday of your life, you go somewhere and overhear something that is crazy funny. Maybe it is not in “joke” form when you hear it. Maybe it is something that will have to be developed. However, if you forget it before developing it, it is useless to you.

This is why it is CRITICAL that you have a small $.79 spiral notepad in your pocket at all times. The minute you hear something funny, pull out your pad and jot down the basics of what was funny.

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A Little Maintenance is Important


A little maintenance is important. We usually bring this topic up at the beginning of each year, but it’s a good little reminder.

So, since a Brand New Year is upon us and there are a few things to put on the “To Do List”.

Lets think of Safety First. This has nothing to do with puppets, but it does have to do with keeping Ventriloquists safe and healthy. Every year on the first or second of January, we always practice changing the batteries in our smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

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New Year’s Ventriloquist Performance

This seems like a good time to take a few minutes out to enjoy a New Years Ventriloquist Performance.

We have a friend, Joni Haag, from Illinois. Joni loves the art of Ventriloquism and performs about every chance she gets at both her Church and every other opportunity that she can fine to perform.

We first became acquainted with Joni about 8 years ago when she first purchased a JET puppet. Over the years, she has been both a great friend and an encouragement to us. She is one of the group of folks that we can always expect to get notes from with a kind word and that always means a lot to us.

One of Joni’s recent characters is a 5′-6″ puppet she named “Jozi”. The story goes that Joni and Jozi may be sisters or something like that.

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Happy New Year 2016


Just a quick word to everyone. Lets all be safe and careful as we celebrate the New Year.

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