Have You Ever Mentored Anyone in this Business?

Back in 2007 we were at the Vent Haven ConVENTion. JET was still doing latex puppets back in those days. In all honesty they were not very good in those days. (This is an understatement.)

There was a man who came to our booth several times that year. His name was (and still is) Gary Owen. He is on the Board of the ConVENTion. He was very friendly and was interested in our puppets.

After several days of conversations, Gary said, “Your puppets are awful”. That will get you attention. He went on to say “You are in the wrong style of puppet. You should be doing soft sculpture. I can see that you have a great amount of potential, but you will never see it realized in latex.”

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One More Thing About the Vent Haven ConVENTion


This is just a little topic for all those who have never yet been to Vent Haven but are going this year for the first time.

Among all the good things that we can say about the Marriott, (and they are many), there is just one small thing that we would like to warn you about.

Just about every one who goes will at some point in the ConVENTion need to get a little (or a lot) of cash.

Marriott does in fact have an ATM in the Lobby. That is where the good stops. In all the years that we have been at the Marriott, we have never known the ATM to function like you would expect a real ATM to work.

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Useful things to bring to ConVENTion (if you have never been before)


We sometimes get asked the question by newbies “What should I bring to ConVENTion” if I come.

Since we are just a couple of weeks away from our annual funfest at Vent Haven ConVENTion this seems like a good time to put a couple of suggestions out there for you to remember.

First, Bring the puppet that you most use so you can sit around venting with others in between sessions when you are just having fun.

Bring a note pad so that you can take notes from the different classes that you attend. At the end of ConVENTion you will scratch your head and say “What was I going to remember?” Bring a note pad so you can remember and put to good use all the great information that you will be exposed to.

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Keeping Your Act Looking Fresh

From time to time we all need to take out our puppet(s) and examine them with a fresh eye. Are they looking like a million Dollars? Or are they looking like they are old and tired and need a little T.L.C.?

Look them over with a critical eye. Are all the teeth still in place? Are the fingernails all present and accounted for? Do you need to update the wardrobe? Do you need to use some painters masking tape to get some fuzz balls off of the fabric. Look for loose threads.

Make sure that the puppet is in tip top shape. Old and gross is not an acceptable way to look. This puppet(s) represents you and everything about your act. If if does not look like a top shelf character, then people will get the impression that you are not a first rate act worthy of getting top price for a show.

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Custom Methodology – “Ordering Similars”

A while back we mentioned that there were some changes coming to our way of doing business. Well the changes are now here and you can read them for yourselves.

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