New procedure for The Dummy Shoppe

Every now and then we get the distinct “privilege” of dealing with someone who thinks differently than most of the rest of us.

Fortunately, it does not happen that often, but since it has, we are going to address it on our website so that if and when it ever comes up again we can simply refer the person to the website.

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Try This for Getting Attention

We have gotten an idea from one of our readers that we found to be somewhat unique. We have that persons permission to share the idea, but they would rather stay anonymous for purposes of this article. (Somewhat unusual since the purpose of the idea was getting “attention”, but we will honor the request.)

Our reader was in his early 40’s when he started out to be a Vent. He loved little kids and wanted to do a lot of birthday parties, but was not sure that he was good enough to get bookings and did not want to disappoint folks by not giving a good enough show. He also realized that in order to get better, he needed exposure time with his target audience. So after much thought he decided to go with this novel new idea.

In his town there was a restaurant that he described as being like a “Chuck E. Cheese” type place. On a Friday night, he took just his wife and a small puppet that would fit in a small bag and went to the restaurant. Once there he and his wife got their food and sat down. As luck (or good planning) would have it, there were several groups of kids who showed up that night for birthday parties.

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Something to Be Careful Of

Now and then we see something that we need to sound a warning about. We are well aware that 99% of our friends would never do anything that was intentionally designed to be rude, crude or socially unacceptable.

However, there can on occasion be something that happens inadvertently without ever being aware that can be a real cause of embarrassment.

Recently, we had a friend who sent us a picture of a puppet sitting on her hand. She was only using the hand for support.

Unfortunately, in the process of posing the puppet, one finger was showing between the puppets legs. In the photograph, it looked for all the world like the puppet was “anatomically correct”. We brought it to the attention of the lady in question and she was very embarrassed.

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Suggested Tips With Animation

We have discussed in the past the importance of keeping your character animated to make it seem to be alive. This is an important feature in holding your audiences attention and keeping the audience focused on you the performer.

Here is a suggestion that won’t cost more than about 5 cents. Watch this short video of one of our characters. Pay attention to the head movement and the corresponding movement of the characters hands.

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Exploring many ways to make $$$$ with your puppet

We have known a very nice lady from Wasilla, Alaska for several years. We have the good fortune of getting to see her almost every year in Kentucky at the Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion. Her name is Hillary Saffron. Hillary is a multi-faceted person who does many things in life.

During the day she works professionally in Social Services, and specializes in the field of job coaching. She also works as a Vent, and does a fair amount of Theatre work.

In her capacity of a job coach she has found ways to help people use their own skills to create work for themselves. To that end, Hillary is using her skills as a Vent to help “sell” the concepts she teaches.

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