It has been 12 long months since we got to get together with all of our crazy friends in the Vent World.

However, next Monday we will be loading up the car with 43 puppets and heading down the highway for our favorite annual get together.

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Do You Have a Favorite Ventriloquist?

Each of us has a favorite Ventriloquist. Let’s take a few minutes to examine our favorite. What makes this person so admirable to us? Is it their puppets? The puppets character? Or is it the Vents style of delivery and humor?

Take a little time to watch several videos of this favorite Ventriloquist (go check out Ventriloquist Central Videos , they have LOTS of ventriloquist videos). Take some notes on what it is that you really enjoy about this Vent. Next, take each point on your notes and ask yourself this question. “Since I like this ____________ part of his/her act, what can I do to improve my act by adding this little trait?”

Remember, we don’t want to copy the other Vent, but there is some reason why you so enjoy his/her style of performing. Since you enjoy this person, is there something about his/her act that would improve your act. Is it their range of voice? Is it the fact that they don’t move their lips? Is it the way that they manipulate the puppet? Is it the way that they seem to make the puppet come alive?

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Use Your Nose, or Actually the Puppet’s

We have talked about this topic before and have gotten much good feedback about it, so it is probably a good thing to mention it again from time to time as a reminder.

When you are performing, make sure that your puppets eyes stay focused on someone in the audience while he/she is speaking. Continue reading

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Tips for getting the most use from ConVENTion

We are going to focus on some areas that will give you the most benefit from ConVENTion this year. First and foremost are the open shows that you will be attending. This will include the big shows and the open Mike shows that will be presented each evening.

You are going to attend with the idea of having fun, and that is one good reason to attend. Even more than that should be the idea of attending to learn more about your craft and to sharpen your skills as a Ventriloquist.

To do that, we suggest that you get ready to go to school. First thing for school is to buy a notebook and get a couple of pens or pencils. Most of us learn better by taking notes. Just the act of taking notes helps our minds to absorb more material from “class”.

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Big Changes for This Years Vent Haven ConVENTion

Many of you have noticed that we have not posted as many new puppets on the website as usual. Typically we post between 2 and 3 new puppets a week but this has not been happening lately. Just so you don’t get wondering, there is a reason for this change.

Several weeks ago we got a phone call from Mark Wade, the Executive Director of the Vent Haven ConVENTion. In all the years that we have been at Vent Haven, there has been on “anchor” in each Vendor room. That has never changed and the anchor in our room has been at ConVENTion “forever”.

When Mark called he said that there have been some changes this year. There were some circumstances that he told us, but I am not sure if we are at liberty to divulge these circumstances.

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