How do I make my puppets sit up straight for display?

Many people ask the question of how do they get their puppets to sit up straight for display.

There are a couple of things that we can suggest on how to do this. Take a small stick and put it up inside your puppet. Push it all the way up to the inside of the head. Take your fingers and mark the lowest part of the stick.

With your fingers still in position, pull the stick all the way out of the puppet. Using a marking pen, mark where your fingers are on the stick. Now take a tape measure and get the distance from the end that was inside the head to where you have marked the stick.

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Time to get your reservations for Vent Haven 2016

venthaven convention logo

Last week I had occasion to have a good long talk with our good friend Mark Wade, the Executive Director of the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion.

Much of what was said that I can’t go into, but I can tell you a few things. Next year is the 40th anniversary of the conVENTion. We are expecting blow out crowds in record numbers.

Mark tells me that for the first time, we have the ENTIRE Marriott booked for rooms. This means a few things. If you are walking down the hall next year, and you pass someone in the hall, you don’t have to wonder if they are also weird. If they are there, they are a ventriloquist! :o)

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paul zerdin agt

Greetings fellow Vents. It appears like we stuck together as a community and pulled of the vote for our friend Paul Zerdin.

Here is the video of his winning performance.

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Time for the Vent Community to pull together and Vote


This week was a rare and momentous week for the Vent Community. Not since 2007 have we had one of our own get to the Finals on America’s Got Talent.

On Wednesday night this week our friend Paul Zerdin made it to the finals and is looking very good to make it to the “top One” next week. Yes, some of the outcome rests on him and his performance, but just like in 2007 the outcome with Terry Fator was dictated by the number of votes cast by the Vent community at large.

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A Medical Update


Just a quick statement this week.  As most of you are aware, Steve had a pretty severe heart attack on April 6th this year.

At first we did not have a complete grasp of the full nature of the problem. Over the last 4 months, Steve has been wearing a device known as a “Life Vest” This device is designed to constantly monitor the heart and to act as a defibrillator and shock the heart if it stopps beating.

The team of Dr.’s was closely monitoring the condition of the heart, while using medication to help heal the heart.

The goal was to bring the heart up to a point where the Dr.’s felt like it was strong enough to be able to handle the surgical implantation of a new style of pacemaker. (It is called a “bi-ventricular” and forces both ventricles to fire at the same time.)

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