Add something new to your act






We have a suggestion for something new for your act. Get a tape of one or two songs that would fit your puppets personality.

Come up with a “lead in” script where your puppet tells just how good of a singer he/she is. Your puppet then asks your audience if they would like to hear him/her sing. Or you can ask your puppet to sing and the puppet very shyly says no because they have never sung in public before. So then you ask the audience if they want to hear the puppet sing. Continue reading

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Killing two birds with one stone

Something New

New Addition “Soupy”










Just want to remind you that this is the time of the year that you should be getting ready to send out your annual Christmas Card.

What we suggest is that you take a good professional photograph with you and all your wonderful puppets maybe dressed in Christmas attire. Have the picture printed on card stock about 4″ x 6″. Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2019


Since Thanksgiving is next week, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope that each of you take time to reflect on all the good in your lives and be Thankful for all your blessings.

At The Dummy Shoppe among many other things, we are thankful for the gift of knowing each of you and all the bright spots you bring into our lives.

Continue reading

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Mixing Different Styles of Comedy in Your Act

Something New

Uncle Milton










In order to be the most effective with your act, it is important to know and understand the different types of comedy and how to use each effectively. Continue reading

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Policy on Repairs






In the event that a puppet is determined by the puppet owner to have a defect or has gotten an “injury” on the job, we ask that the Ventriloquist first contact us by email or by phone and discuss the problem. If it is something minor, such as a loose fingernail, we will be happy to walk you through the small repair or point you to the section on “Hints and Tips” on the website. Continue reading

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