Don’t Forget to Practice you Manipulation

Just a reminder that one MAJOR item that will either make you look good or really BAD is the way you manipulate your puppet.

Failure to properly manipulate your puppet can put you in the category of someone just using a sock puppet. Nobody will think that a sock puppet is a real “person”.

The puppet should always be in motion. Just like you typically don’t hold still, your puppet should always be on the move. He/She can have a twitch, a cough, be scratching an itch or just bouncing around.

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Knowing your puppets history and personality

This is a subject that we have not dealt with for several years. Since so many of you were not on our list that far back, it is timely that we address this topic for the new folks and also to review it for the older family members.

In order to portray to your audience that you have a close and personal relationship with your puppet, it is important that you know all about your puppet on a very personal basis..

We know that it is not reasonable to expect your puppet to sit down and tell you all about his/her autobiography. Even though we want our audience to think that our puppet is a living, breathing person, we do realize that is not the case. So. . . we have to get to be creative.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2017


Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope that each of you take time to reflect on all the good in your lives and be Thankful for all your blessings.

At The Dummy Shoppe among many other things, we are thankful for the gift of knowing each of you and all the bright spots you bring into our lives.

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Try Something Completely Different

Sometimes you can learn more about yourself and your act by doing something out of the ordinary.

For instance, you have an act that you do with your character. One of you is the straight guy while the other is the comedian. Ok. You have that mastered. Now switch it completely up.

Turn on a video recorder and do your act completely backward. You do all the lines your puppet does and let the puppet do all the lines that you would do. Do this at least three times then play back the video of your new show. Take careful notes about what you see.

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Be Sure to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season


This is just a reminder that we are coming up on the busiest time of the year. The holidays are when everyone is thinking about throwing a party.

Everyone wants their party to be better than others in town. They all want to have something that others in town will not have.

Make sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to be that special something for as many parties as you can. For every booking that you get, make sure to use the opportunity for shameless self promotion.

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