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venthaven convention 2017 brochure

Ok everybody, in just a little less than a month it is time for this years annual Vent Haven ConVENTion. In fact just one month from today, it will all be in the history books for another year.

We are looking forward to going and getting to see all our old friends from years gone by. We also look forward to getting to meet several of our friends in person that we have known for a while but never gotten to meet face to face.

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Our good friend Gary Owen (Darci’s coach) provided us with a link to an article by 6 professionals on Darci Lynnes performance.

This is a very good article that is great for several reasons. First is the impact of any Ventriloquist on the entire vent community. Second for the individual ventriloquist. Also of great importance is that each vent needs to look at themselves in light of these critiques.

It is one of the most in depth looks at a performance that I have ever seen in written form, and can be extremely useful for every performer to view their own performance in a way that will help you to improve on your skills.

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On Tuesday night May 30, 2017, the first night of America’s Got Talent aired on NBC. For one hour and 50 minutes, we were all treated to some good acts and some not so good acts.

About 10 minutes before the show was over, our 12 year old Vent friend, Darci Lynn Farmer got up to perform. She simply blew the socks off of the audience. After getting rave reviews from the 4 judges, we were about to turn the TV off when judge “Mel B” reached out and slammed her golden buzzer.

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Maybe Lightning will strike a 3rd time


Make sure to have your recorders on next Tuesday night for the first show of America’s Got Talent. We just got word that our young friend Darci Farmer will be featured on AGT’s opening show on Tuesday May 30, 2017.

We have known for a while that this was happening, but we had been sworn to secrecy until the producers gave permission to say anything. Well, that permission came through on Tuesday night.

Darci is one of those rare talents that we have had the pleasure of getting to know. We first met her when she was 11 and when we saw her perform, she blew our socks off. This was last year at Vent Haven. Darci has been coached by our good friend Gary Owen who has helped bring her along in her skills.

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New Puppets Available Now for This Week

IMG 20170515 135932~2

(Check out Eunice on our site, click here)

From time to time we get questions about the different types of puppets on the market. Even though most of you are very familiar with the differences, we thought that maybe it would be good to cover this for some people who might not know and are embarrassed to ask. Recently I answered just such a question. I have removed the identification information from the person writing, but that was not important anyway. Here is the main context of the topic. Enjoy.

There are three basic styles of puppets in todays world of Ventriloquism.

The oldest and most widely known is the hard figure. Usually hand carved from wood with a variety of control features in it, the hard figure does not have the ability to be as flexible in movement as its other counter parts. It is usually the most heavy and cumbersome to operate. It is also the one most closely associated with being scary to small children and some adults.

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