Repost: Marketing yourself in your area

We posted this blog a few years ago, but thought it might be a good reminder.

As you try to get established as a Vent in your part of
the Country, you already know most of the basics for
performing. You know that you have to have the skills of
Ventriloquism fairly well polished, but getting your first
several bookings can be a real obstacle. The “business”
side of the art can be a real tripping hazard if you don’t
take the time and effort to market yourself and your skills.

Once you begin to get known, getting more bookings becomes
much easier because every show that you do can also become
a reference to point at. This is another reason that you
cannot afford to leave less than a good taste in EVERY
customer’s mouth. But getting those first bookings can be
a real traumatic experience. Fortunately there is not a
single “right way” to go about it. You must be prepared to
try whatever works for you. Be ready to be flexible. If
you try one thing and it does not work, be prepared to try
something different. If that does not work, switch off to
yet another avenue of effort. Do NOT get discouraged.
Keep trying. You will eventually find one or more things
that do work for you.

Here are just a couple of things to try.

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Where Is Your Puppet Looking?


We were watching some videos this week, and we were reminded of a very important detail. We have covered this a couple of years ago, but it is time for a quick refresher.

As we watched a couple of these videos, we saw the puppets looking off into the distance to locations known only to the Almighty. The puppet had no focus on his/her audience. What the ventriloquist did not have was the ability to know where his puppet was looking.

Here is the quick solution.

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Are You Looking for New Ideas?

Are you looking for new ideas? We want to suggest a way for find some new ideas this week. We are not suggesting that you steal material from anyone, but now and then you want to find little ways to get new ideas to use in your show.

We have an idea for you that is very enjoyable. Simply take some time and go to Youtube. Don’t search for a particular ventriloquist.

Rather just search “ventriloquists” and begin watching as many videos as you have time for. Take some notes if you spot a new technique that you can use in your act.

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A Shining Example of Professionalism

IMG 0811 Img 0814

Lets take a little time out for some fun this week. We just got some great photos from a very good friend of ours in North Carolina.

We have known Trish Dunn for about 7 or 8 years and she is one of the small circle of friends that we enjoy getting to visit with every year at Vent Haven.

What can be learned from these two shots she sent this week is that you can use photography to promote your act. Each of these pictures tells a story about the vent and the puppet.

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Use Video to Improve Your Performance

When was the last time that you video taped your performance so you can see how you look to your audience?

No matter how good you are (or how good your “mother” has told you that you are) you need to see your performance first hand for yourself to see what you can spot in needed improvements in your act.

Go into a room where there are no other interruptions. Set up a video recorder and proceed to give a performance.

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