The Passing of a Legend

For those of you who have not yet heard, we lost a legend in the last couple of weeks. This man was not one of those legends that we had heard about. This man was a man that we had known for several years, and had been fortunate enough to spend several hours a year with him every year at the Vent Haven ConVENTion. We will miss Bill DeMar greatly every time we look around the room in Kentucky and don’t see him in his chair.

Back years ago one late night (about 1:00 A.M.) we were having coffee with Gary and Teddi Owen at Chaucers at the Drawbridge Inn during ConVENTion. While we were talking, Gary spotted a white headed older gentleman and suggested that we move over and sit with him. Gary introduced us to Mr. Bill DeMar and told us at the time that Bill was one of the greatest manipulators in the business.

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What’s In Store For the Future?

Once again we have been contacted by a couple of
our friends who were curious to know what new things we
have in store for the near future.

I wish I could answer that question. I don’t even know
what JET is apt to do next and I am right here with here.
One sure way to find out what is coming next is to contact
us and let us know what new type of character you would
like to see in your performance trunk.

Market demand is always a good way to drive an artist to
do new things, and JET is no exception to that rule. If
you want it and can visualize it, drop us a line and we can
chat back and forth to see if it is possible.

Several years ago, our friend John Pizzi started in on JET
that he wanted moving eyes. We had never done them before,
but John would not let up. He wanted moving eyes in soft
sculpture. Although we knew nothing about the mechanics of
them at that time, we embarked on a journey to see what was

We found several things to be true. First, what may be
easy in hard figures is not so easy in soft sculpture. I
very quickly came up with the mechanics of moving eyes.
That was easy. However, just because it was easy in a hard
shelled head did not mean that the same techniques would
hold true on a soft puppet.

We found that the soft puppet had nothing solid to attach
to and therefore as quick as you can say “Hello” we found
that we were back to square on in the design phase.

However, after tons of scrap material were generated and
many long nights in the Shoppe were endured, we did in fact
come up with moving eyes for soft puppets.

I said all that to say this. If you want it, let us know.
We are just naive enough to give it a try to see if it can
be done. We never want to say never when it comes to
something new. Even if we can’t get there immediately, it
gives us something to start working for in the future.

Until next time,

Steve and JET

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A Good Example of Re-Costuming a Puppet

A good friend of ours from ConVention bought a puppet a couple of years ago. At the time of the purchase, the puppet looked like this.


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Check Out What’s Available Now

dummyshoppe availablenow

The past couple of weeks we’ve added quite a few characters to our “Available Now” page.

Head over there and check them out.


That is all for this week folks. We will talk again real soon

Steve and JET

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Vent Season Begins Now

venthaven convention logo

Well it is that time of year when the season officially
begins each year. If there is only one event that you must
be aware of each year that is the most important item of
our vent world it is >>>>>>>>>>>> Vent Haven in July.

The sign up doors have opened and we have now signed up
for the bestest most funnest days of the year for the great
week in July.

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